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BBL Match Suspended Due To ‘Unsafe Pitch’. Here’s What Happened…

The Big Bash League (BBL) 2023 match between Melbourne Renegades and Perth Scorchers had to be suspended on Sunday after the umpires deemed the pitch wasn’t fit to be used for the match. On several occasions, the ball incurred sharp bounce, threatening the safety of the batters. The umpires decided to have a call after 6.5 overs were bowled by the Renegades to the Scorchers and decided to suspend the game, taking up the matter with the organisers.

The problem is said to have become serious because of a damp area on the pitch which is unsettling the batters. Whenever the bowlers would bowl in that area, the ball would bounce awkwardly. Some divots could also be spotted on the surface, concerning both sets of players.

It has to be noted that there was some overnight rain at the Geelong stadium. Somehow, the water has seeped under the covers, resulting in such a situation.

In the commentary box, discussions took place about the continuitiy of the match, with Michael Vaughan asking Adam Gilchrist if the game should be allowed to continue.

“Is there a genuine threat to the batsmen or is it just really difficult to bat?” Michael Vaughan asked.

“I think there is a genuine threat,” Gilchrist replied.

Former Australia captain Aaron Finch also gave his analysis of the matter, saying: “I didn’t hear anything that the umps were saying but obviously they’re concerned with how the balls are bouncing from that wet patch here.

“It’s on that good length. It’s six to seven metre length. A few balls are getting in there. They’re obviously a little bit concerned about that.”

“It’s been tapped in (by curators) but it’s just taking some big divots out of the surface there as well. You can see that one that josh inglis got just there, it’s gripped the seam and it’s bouncing ridiculously.

“If that’s on line with someone’s body or their head then that could be some real issues.”

After one of the deliveries went past Josh Inglis, Finch exclaimed, “Oh my god”.

The Scorchers were 2-30 from 6.5 overs when the game was suspended, with the two batters Aaron Hardie (20) and Josh Inglis (3) at the crease. The match was later called off.

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