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Instagram Under Fire For Placing Overtly Sexual Content Next To Ads; Elon Musk Reacts

A damning report by the Wall Street Journal exposes the Instagram Reel algorithm that placed risque footage of kids and teens besides various ads. This comes amid allegations of a surge of underage users on the Meta platform. During its investigation, the WSJ found several salacious pieces of content being fed by the algorithm. For instance, a Walmart ad was displayed beside a reel of a woman exposing her crotch. A Pizza Hut advertisement was placed next to a clip of an adult lying on a bed with a seemingly 10-year-old girl. In another instance, a commercial for dating app Bumble was sandwiched between two obscene reels, one of a man fondling a latex doll and another of an underage girl exposing her midriff. WSJ created test accounts that selectively followed young gymnasts and teen and preteen influencers, among other similar accounts. These underage accounts are often followed by a swath of adults.The algorithm displayed a mix of adult pornography and materials that sexualized children.

Earlier bigwigs stopped ads, and a few left X/Twitter alleging the rise of explicit and harmful content, among other reasons. The Elon Musk company has already lost 50 of its top 100 advertisers within a year. Some of these brands include Chevrolet, Merk, and Jeep, among others. Another analysis done by the Washington Post shows that nearly a third of the top advertisers on the bird app have not advertised for two weeks before November 22. Musk & Co. vehemently deny any such reports and figures of bleeding revenues in billions. Meanwhile, reacting to the WSJ report, a visibly miffed Elon Musk questioned the big brands running commercials on Instagram.


While Meta has denied the allegations, the Mark Zuckerberg platform is also facing the ire of advertisers. The platform has denied WSJ’s report, stating that it shows a ‘manufactured experience.’ Meta stated that it has invested billions in reducing harmful content, along with employing over 40,000 employees dedicated to ensuring the safety and integrity of the platform. Nonetheless, the pertinent question is, why do those reels and posts still exist in the first place? Not that Musk’s platform is any better. Social media needs a baptism of regulatory fire.

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