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Month: November 2023

My long quest to revive a ’90s Windows gaming cult classic

The elusive, addictive gameplay that has been haunting my dreams for years. As 2023 draws to a close—and as we start to finalize our Game of the Year contenders—I really should be catching up on the embarrassingly long list of…

Expanding opportunities for Indian businesses

Representational image. PTI In an increasingly interconnected global economy, Indian businesses are leveraging the power of B2B marketplaces to expand their reach and tap into international sourcing opportunities. With the digital revolution, the traditional boundaries of trade have blurred, allowing…

Rare Signal Predicts Next XRP Price Move: Crypto Analyst

The XRP price has been treading water in recent days. After XRP rose by more than 52% in just 18 days from mid-October to early November, the price is currently in a clear consolidation phase in the shorter time frames….

What They Are & How to Find Them in 2024

What Are Buyer Intent Keywords? Buyer intent keywords are search terms that indicate a user’s readiness to make a purchase. These terms indicate a higher likelihood that the searcher is preparing to make a transaction—as opposed to merely seeking information….

Teachers Are Sharing Their Principals’ Weirdest Pet Peeves

Everyone has their own particular way of doing things—but occasionally, principals’ pet peeves take it to the next level. A friend of mine shared with me that her previous principal had a peculiar obsession with blue pens. Specifically, the teachers…

Cochin Shipyard launches 3 anti-submarine watercrafts for Indian Navy

The first three ships in the series of eight Anti-Submarine Warfare Shallow Water Crafts under construction in Cochin Shipyard Limited for Indian Navy were launched at CSL’s Kochi Yard. The launching of the three vessels was carried out in the…

Small Saga Review | RPG Site

Small Saga is yet another indie RPG to find its footing thanks to Kickstarter. I hadn’t heard of it until very close to the release date and was primarily interested due to the developer’s previous work, Aviary Attorney. However, the…


BBMP Crematorium Plans

BBMP Crematorium Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP) plans to set up nine more electric crematoriums. It has already acquired land in seven locations for these. BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad made this announcement after inspecting a few of the crematoriums….

Robotic liver transplant: When and who should do it? | Health

A robotic liver transplant is a great option when compared to conventional liver transplant surgery where typically, surgeons execute liver transplants to substitute a malfunctioning or injured liver due to liver failure with a healthy one but in a robotic…

Delicious Homemade Food Gifts Perfect for Any Occasion

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