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10 Year Old Boy Campaigns To Change ‘Nerd’ Emoji And The Internet Can’t Keep Calm

A 10-year-old schoolboy in the UK, Teddy, has initiated a petition urging Apple to rectify and rename what he deems an offensive “nerd face” emoji. Teddy, from Peppard in Oxfordshire, argues that the emoji, featuring prominent front teeth, perpetuates a negative stereotype of glasses wearers. Expressing his disapproval, Teddy has created an alternative design with a closed-mouth grin, advocating for a more positive representation. While the Unicode consortium determines official emoji adoption, individual companies decide on specific illustrations. Facebook, for instance, altered its nerd emoji in 2018 to a small grin for Android and PC users. Apple has not provided a comment on the matter.

Teddy noticed the issue with the emoji for the first time while texting his cousin. With the support of his teacher, Lisa, the 10-year-old launched a petition for change within his school and online. Lisa commends Teddy’s mature approach, stating that his advocacy should be supported and encouraged. Teddy expressed excitement at the prospect of Apple considering his ideas, hoping for a positive outcome from his campaign. However, as the news went viral, the Internet could keep its bullying behind the closet. While many remarks are vile, there’s a lot of online support for the young Sheldon. Here are a handful of reactions to Teddy’s campaign.

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