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Apple Clinches PETA’s Company Of The Year Award For Leading The Charge Against Leather Use In 2023

PETA, renowned for its commitment to animal welfare, annually acknowledges businesses that demonstrate exceptional efforts. In a notable shift away from traditional materials like cowhide and crocodile skin for watchbands, a significant stride has been made in 2022. Apple Inc., the global tech giant that sold a staggering 50 million smartwatches in the same year, has upheld its promise to eliminate leather from millions of watches, marking a transformative move towards cruelty-free alternatives.

PETA’s Company Of The Year Award

In recognition of its noteworthy initiatives, Apple has clinched the esteemed 2023 Company of the Year Award. As the world’s largest corporation, Apple Inc. meets customer expectations and sets a precedent for other elite businesses. By eliminating leather from its products, the tech giant is not only making strides toward its ambitious 2030 carbon-neutral target but also demonstrating leadership and commitment to sustainable practices.

In addition to its commitment to eliminating leather, Apple has pledged to boost its use of recycled materials, including FineWoven microtwill, known for its lower carbon footprint. This move aligns with the growing global trend, as searches for sustainable products have surged by 71% in the last five years. With a heightened awareness of environmental impacts, today’s conscientious consumers prioritize supporting companies, like Apple Inc., that actively embrace sustainability, reflecting a profound shift in consumer preferences.

By opting to abandon leather, a byproduct associated with the inhumane practices of the meat industry, Apple is poised to make a significant impact. This decision not only saves countless animals but also contributes to mitigating the effects of climate change. In lieu of leather, the company will offer accessories crafted from alternative materials, providing ethical consumers with the opportunity to make environmentally conscious and animal-friendly choices, enhancing the overall appeal of eco-friendly goods.

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