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Atelier Resleriana teaser trailer reveals more of the game’s backstory

Akatsuki Games and Koei Tecmo have published a new “official teaser trailer” for Atelier Resleriana: Forgotten Alchemy and the Polar Night Liberator.

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The new trailer, which is available to watch on the game’s official YouTube channel, lays out some of the background story in the game’s new, original setting.

The narrator tells the tale of how the land was once blessed by a white comet, which brought power and prosperity. The golden age ended when the comet turned crimson, until mysterious figures known as the Miraculous Nine saved the world from calamity. The Miraculous Nine then went into a deep slumber at a hidden place called World’s End, until the events of Resleriana’s main story.

That story is made more explicit in the game’s official reveal, which you can read about here. It involves the Atelier Resleriana‘s dual protagonists Resna and Valeria, and their quest to uncover the source of the power of alchemy.

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Atelier Resleriana is available on PC and mobile platforms in Japan, and its English-language edition wil launch in 2024.


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