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Best monsters to fuse in Dragon Quest Monsters 3: The Dark Prince

So you’ve cleaned Randolfo’s clock, unlocked the final dungeon, and maybe even hit a roadblock with the post-game bosses. Or perhaps you’ve cleared all of that, but took one step into PVP content and got decimated. Whether you’re looking to destroy the competition, fill out your Monsterpedia, or want to see the rest of the post-game story, we’ve got a list of recommended monsters to fuse and the best abilities to put on them!

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The monsters listed below are not listed in any particular order — A rank monsters are just as valuable at end-game as S-rank or X-rank monsters, though the S and X-ranked monsters will have slightly higher stat limits. Furthermore, these monsters are just all-around good, but if a monster is particularly strong in a specific role or purpose, it will be listed in their description. Furthermore, if you have the Mole Hole DLC, it will make fusing these powerful creatures much, much easier — but the guide assumes you do not, and lists locations for various fusion materials.

  1. Liquid Metal Slime
  2. Gem Slime
  3. Krystalinda
  4. Slionheart
  5. Fluffy


Liquid Metal Slime

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While it may be strange to think about, Liquid Metal Slime is the first endgame monster you should build, to serve the role of a Metal Slime killer — allowing for fast leveling for future monsters. Liquid Metal Slime can reach a staggering 1300+ Agility, allowing it to outspeed just about any monster in the game — especially if you manage to get Rando-Accel to activate. To achieve this supersonic speed, you will need to raise up two Agility Boosters, both a Tier IV and Tier III version. Your final skill, and perhaps the most important, is Storm Chaser. While you can get away with Bang Virtuoso or some other talent that has Kaboomle, Storm Chaser is recommended because of the tasty +20 Agility bonus — thankfully, Liquid Metal Slime comes with it innately. For the final touch, you want to seek out a Meteorite Bracer accessory for the +100 Agility bonus, which rarely drops from Tantamounts, which appear only in Spring in Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon.

In short, Liquid Metal Slime can turn one cast Kaboomle (if it’s level 40+) to instantly take out King Metal Slimes, allowing for speedy leveling. It can also serve as a pinch-hitter for boss fights, as most endgame bosses lack a way to deal with Metal Skin (though you will need a lot of Elfin Elixirs to fund Kaboomle spam.)

To obtain a Liquid Metal Slime, you can either gather 30 Mini Medals, attempt to scout one in Upper Echelons, or fuse one by scouting two Metal Slimes in Middle Echelons. You also get a free Metal Slime for finding 10 Mini Medals, so that’s half your fusion cost sorted.

Gem Slime

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While you can use Gem Slime as a defensive spellcaster (owing to its massive Wisdom and Defense Stats), Gem Slimes actually shine in a different way — Scouting. You see, Scout success is based off of each of your monsters’ Attack or Wisdom stats, whichever is higher. Gem Slime can reach a massive 1400+ Wisdom with proper talents and accessories, which can make scouting monsters incredibly easy. Fill out a recruitment team of four Gem Slimes and you can likely even recruit A and S-ranks!

The proper skills to put on your Gem Slimes include Wisdom Booster IV and Wisdom Booster III, but then you have a choice for one of them. For only one of your Gem Slimes, you should add Smarty Pants as a talent — in addition to getting a small Wisdom boost, you also get Kaping, which boosts your team’s Wisdom, allowing for easier scouting. The other three Gem Slimes should have Wisdom Boosters IV, III and II. Accessories should include Scout’s Badge (obtainable in Conqueror’s Keep Floor 5 in a secret room at the dining hall.) for one Gem Slime and Sock-It Lockets for the rest (you can find Sock-It Locket as a rare drop from Hocus-Poker, located on the same floor of Conqueror’s Keep as the Scout’s Badge.)

To fuse Gem Slime:

  1. Obtain a Metal King Slime (50 Mini Medals will get you one, the rest must be recruited in Upper Echelon areas or fused by combining two Liquid Metal Slimes.)
  2. Obtain a Balhib.
    1. First fuse a Rockbomb (Grade E) with any Dragon type to create a Magmalice.
    2. Next, recruit a Firn Fiend from Circle of Temper: Upper Echelon (Winter). These are the cold versions of Magmalice.
    3. Fuse them together into either a new Firn Fiend or Magmalice, the choice doesn’t matter.
    4. Next, fuse a Coralossus by combining a Nature monster with a Material monster (one of them must be D rank.)
    5. Recruit a Stone Golem from Circle of Caprice: Middle Echelon.
    6. Fuse the Stone Golem and Coralossus together into either a Stone Golem or Coralossus, the choice doesn’t matter.
    7. Now fuse the Balhib by combining the two monsters.
  3. Fuse Balhib with King Metal Slime to create a Gem Slime.

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The fan-favorite from Dragon Quest XI returns, this time as a controllable monster. High Wisdom and perfect Ice-element traits make Krystalinda a force to be reckoned with in both PVP and main story. Her traits include Crackmeister, which halve Ice elemental spell cost and increases the damage slightly, Devil Killer, which increases damage to demons but more importantly reduces all enemies resistances, and Ultra Crafty Cracker, which despite what the description tells you, acts as a “pierce” ability for Ice spells, reducing enemy Ice resistance by 50.

Ideal talents include Polariser (Crack Virtuoso + Sizz Virtuoso OR Woosh Virtuoso), Wisdom Booster IV, and Wisdom Booster III. You can swap Wisdom Booster III for something like Magma Shield (Crag Ward + Frizz Ward) if you want a little more bulk for your Krystalinda in PVP. You can also give Krystalinda Perfect Speller, which grants her all high-level spells in the game, but with Ultra Crafty Cracker, you are going to get maximum damage from Kacrackle, so it’s not really necessary. Finally, to maximize damage, give Krystalinda either a Sock-It Locket (+100 Wisdom) or Anti-Freeze Belt (Crafty Cracker, granting minor Ice pierce that stacks with Ultra Crafty Cracker.) You can find Sock-It lockets from Hocus-Poker (Floor 5 of Conqueror’s Keep in Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon) and Anti-Freeze Belts from Mangleclaws (Circle of Indulgence: Upper Echelon in the Winter.)

To fuse Krystalinda:

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  1. Recruit an Iron Maiden from Circle of Indulgence: Lower Echelon (any season as long as its Sunny.)
  2. Fuse a Buntzenburner.
    1. Recruit a Dancing Flame from Circle of Temper: Upper Echelon (Summer.)
    2. Fuse a Frostburn.
      1. Recruit a Freezing Fog from Circle of Indulgence: Middle Echelon (Winter) or the Desserted Dungeon.
      2. Recruit a Grinferno from Circle of Conquest: Middle Echelon (Summer).
      3. Fuse them into Frostburn. You will need another Frostburn for a later fusion, so do this twice.
    3. Fuse Dancing Flame and Frostburn together into either a new Dancing Flame or Frostburn, the choice doesn’t matter.
    4. Recruit a Soulspawn from Circle of Caprice: Middle OR Upper Echelons (Middle is Winter and Starry Weather only, Upper is any season Starry Weather.)
    5. Fuse a Brimstone Bulb.
      1. Fuse a Nature and Devil monster together (one must be Rank G) to get Ornery Onion.
      2. Recruit a Morphean Mushroom from Circle of Conquest: Middle Echelon or Grimglow Cave.
      3. Fuse Ornery Onion and Morphean Mushroom together into Brimstone Bulb.
    6. Fuse Brimstone Bulb with Soulspawn and create a new Brimstone Bulb or Soulspawn, the choice doesn’t matter.
    7. Fuse the Dancing Flame or Frostburn with the Brimstone Buib or Soulspawn to create Buntzenburner.
  3. Fuse Buntzenburner with Iron Maiden to create Dora-In-Grey.
  4. Fuse a Snowgre.
    1. Fuse a Coralossus (Material and Nature fusion, one must be Rank D.)
    2. Fuse a Blizzybody.
      1. Fuse a Frostburn as suggested above.
      2. Recruit a Bereth from Circle of Fortitude: Middle Echelon (any season as long as its Sunny.)
      3. Fuse Frostburn with Bereth into Blizzybody.
    3. Fuse Blizzybody with Coralossus into Snowgre.
  5. Fuse Dora-In-Grey with Snowgre into Krystalinda.


So you like slimes, do you? How about the granddaddy of Slime Knights, Slionheart? This monster’s traits serve it well in being a premiere, if not the best, support unit in the game. Tactical Trooper allows Slionheart to sometimes take two actions a turn, Health Professional increases healing output while reducing MP consumption by 50%, and Late Bloomer gives a huge boost to its stats on the third and sixth rounds.

Suggested starting talents:

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  • Supreme Healer (Combine Cure-All and Healer.)
    • Cure-All (Flutter Slime — scout at Circle of Indulgence: Upper Echelon)
    • Healer (Cureslime — scout at Circle of Conquest: Lower Echelon)
  • Rainmaker (comes innately with Slionheart)
  • Crag Ward (Funghoul — scout at Circle of Conquest: Lower Echelon)

You will want to replace Rainmaker with something else eventually, like Fluffy, but that is an extremely hard fusion designed for completionists and PVP oriented players. Crag Ward can be replaced with Magma Shield (Crag Ward + Frizz Ward) to not only cover up its Earth weakness, but also give it some protection to Fire as well.

To fuse Slionheart:

  1. Fuse a Shogum.
    1. Recruit a Beshemoth Slime at Circle of Indulgence: Middle or Upper Echelon (both can only be found in Autumn during Sunny weather.)
    2. Fuse a Metal Slime Knight.
      1. Recruit a Slime Knight at Circle of Fortitude: Lower Echeleon.
      2. Recruit a Metal Slime. You get one for 10 Mini Medals, otherwise head to any Middle Echelon and hunt them down.
      3. Fuse them together.
    3. Fuse Metal Slime Knight with Beshemoth Slime to create Shogum.
  2. Fuse a Superior Slime.
    1. Fuse a Wild Slime using any Slime and any Demon (one must be Rank D.)
    2. Recruit a Mohawker from Aamon’s Sanctum.
    3. Fuse them together into Superior Slime. You can also (very rarely) find a Superior Slime from Rainbow Eggs in Upper Echelons.
  3. Fuse Superior Slime and Shogum together into Slionheart.


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The infamous Watabou from Dragon Warrior Monsters is back and ready to be recruited in The Dark Prince — and it’s coming with one of the best talent trees in the game. Unfortunately, it isn’t terribly useful for a lot of content due to poor traits, but the Fluffy talent is one of the best supporting skill talents in the game, and can be passed to more useful supporters, such as Slionheart. Be warned, this fusion will take a significant amount of prep-work and time, and you will need to be at the end-game.

To fuse Fluffy:

  1. Fuse a Prism Peacock.
    1. Fuse a Phoenix.
      1. Recruit a Firebird from Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon (Summer and Sunny weather.)
      2. Recruit a Bantamweight from the Plains (the flying chickens.) Fuse Bantamweight with any Beast type to create a Bullfinch.
      3. Recruit a Putrefido from Circle of Conquest: Lower Echelon (Winter). Fuse Bullfinch and Putrefido into Weaken Beakon.
      4. Recruit a Crabber Dabber Doo from Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon (Summer). Fuse with Weaken Beakon into Belisha Beakon.
      5. Set Belisha Beakon to the side for now.
      6. Recruit a Garuda from Circle of Caprice: Middle Echelon (any weather except Winter, only in Sandstorm.)
      7. Fuse an Abyss Diver by using a Dragon and Zombie (one must be Rank D). Fuse Abyss Diver with Garuda to create Hades Condor.
      8. Fuse a Chimera by using a Nature and Dragon (one must be Rank E.)
      9. Fuse a Silvapithecus by using two Demons (one must be Rank D.) Fuse Chimera with Silvapithecus to create a Gryphon.
      10. Fuse Hades Condor with Gryphon to create Tartarus Eagle.
      11. Fuse Tartarus Eagle with Belisha Beakon to create Phoenix.
      12. Fuse Phoenix with Firebird to create either Phoenix or Firebird (the choice does not matter.)
    2. Fuse a Gangleclaw.
      1. Recruit a Snowbird from Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon (Winter.)
      2. Recruit a Mangleclaw from Circle of Indulgence: Upper Echelon (Winter.)
      3. Fuse a Bomboulder by combining a Slime with a Material (one must be Rank C.)
      4. Fuse Bomboulder and Mangleclaw to create Gangleclaw.
      5. Fuse Snowbird and Gangleclaw to create either Snowbird or Gangleclaw (the choice does not matter.
    3. Fuse Phoenix or Firebird with Snowbird or Gangleclaw to create Prism Phoenix.
  2. Fuse a Snipevine.
    1. Fuse a Phantom Swordsman with Zombie and Material (one must be Rank C.)
    2. Recruit a Skeleton Swordsman from Circle of Conquest: Upper Echelon (Red Moon weather only.)
    3. Fuse Phantom Swordsman with Skeleton Swordsman to create One-Man Army.
    4. Recruit a Dragonthorn from the Plains (Summer only.)
    5. Fuse Dragonthorn with One-Man Army to create Gripevine.
    6. Set Gripevine aside for now.
    7. Recruit Baleen Mage from Aamon’s Sanctum.
    8. Recruit King Slick Slime from Circle of Indulgence: Upper Echelon. This monster is a field boss, located just north of the Battenburg warp. If you cannot recruit this unit, you can fuse it using a Slime and Devil (one must be Rank B.)
    9. Fuse Baleen Mage with King Slick Slime to create Cetacean Sorcerer.
    10. Fuse Cetacean Sorcerer with Gripevine to create Snipevine.
  3. Fuse Snipevine with Prism Phoenix to create Fluffy.


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