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BharatPe Row: Fresh Case Against Ashneer Grover For Sharing Confidential Mail Over Twitter

Resilient Innovations, the parent company of BharatPe, has initiated legal proceedings in the Delhi High Court against Ashneer Grover. The case seeks an injunction, alleging that the Doglapan author disclosed ‘confidential’ information about the fintech firm in the public domain. The hearing, held on Friday, revealed that Grover, in a now-deleted post on X (formerly Twitter), divulged details related to equity allocation and secondary components during BharatPe’s Series E funding round, led by Tiger Global. Ashneer’s attorney submitted an apology for the same, which was accepted.

BharatPe’s counsel argued before Justice Sachin Dutta’s bench that despite Grover’s resignation in March 2022, he still possesses ‘sensitive’ information in violation of his employee agreement. Meanwhile, Grover issued an apology through his counsel, which the bench accepted. Grover’s counsel contended that the information disclosure was ‘necessary’ due to an avalanche of misinformation. The case is scheduled for further hearings, adding to Resilient Innovations’ earlier civil suit against Grover, accusing him and his family of causing damages amounting to approximately Rs 81.3 crore. This separate case is being heard by a distinct bench in the high court.

Earlier, Ashneer Grover took to Twitter and shared screenshots of fund allocations in defense of siphoning funds. He took potshots at Rajnish Kumar while slamming the media in the same breath. Grover wrote that amid all these fiascos, he would be the last man standing. He has since deleted a flurry of posts, including the one where he mentioned he was not a flight risk after being barred by the EOW at Delhi International Aiport.

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