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Career Exploration Worksheet Bundle for High School

Success looks different for every person. You can help your high schoolers figure out where to find career satisfaction by getting them the facts on the world of work, their post-secondary options, and their own skills and interests. It’s all about making informed decisions, but you need resources for that. Enter: these awesome career exploration worksheets.

What’s in the career exploration worksheets bundle?

  • Career Exploration Note-Taking Sheet: Use a tool like the ASVAB CEP’s OCCU-Find to research different careers. Our worksheet includes space for students to take notes on three different careers. It includes spaces for how it fits their interests, how it aligns with their workplace preferences, average salary, and more.
  • Comparing Post-Secondary Paths Tool: For this activity, students will research the cost of pursuing two different paths for a career, taking into consideration several different paths available to them. We recommend they select one of the careers they researched on the prior worksheet to outline two paths. (For example: If a student wants to be a medical assistant, they might go to training school or complete a one-year certificate at a community college.)
  • Post-Secondary Planning Checklist: This list is divided by grade (9-12) and has important steps for students to take for whatever their post-secondary plans are. It covers academics, self-discovery, career exploration, and college/career planning.
  • Résumé Tip Sheet: This isn’t your grandparents’ résumé. We’ve got up-to-date dos and don’ts for students to create a résumé that will really stand out.


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