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Daval Furniture reveal 2024 Home Interior Trends

Daval Furniture, award-winning designer and manufacturer of quality British-made fitted furniture is pleased to reveal the very latest interior style trends for 2024, as lifestyle-oriented kitchens, utility rooms, living and bedroom spaces are predicted to be highly sought-after next year…

Simon Bodsworth, Managing Director at Daval Furniture explains, “Interiors for every room of the house are going to the next level in 2024, as ‘custom comfort’ will become a buzz word for supporting user-centred interior spaces next year, which are ergonomic and tailormade by design. In fact, the interiors market is going to be defined by more artisanal qualities next year as UK homeowners are keen to enhance their surroundings with highly personal design elements to create home environments which are flexible enough to work, rest and socialise in! Made-to-measure fitted furniture is therefore going to be the number one choice in 2024, providing a greater freedom to introduce more available storage space in a wealth of different styles, colours, materials and finishes. Whether you want a contemporary décor with slick handleless furniture in a bold colour, the classic modern blend of in-frame Shaker or an eclectic mix of industrial-style, 2024 promises to make good use of bespoke furniture and reflect the latest lifestyle trends in the home.”

Here are the latest home interior trends for 2024, as defined by the expert design team at Daval Furniture:

ELEGANT LUXURY: From the kitchen, utility and laundry room through to formal dining, family living and the master bedroom, every room in the home next year will reflect today’s growing desire for luxury living. Thankfully, creating a signature style in a class of its own is now easier than ever before, as the latest fitted furniture designs and storage solutions are helping to introduce the finer things in life while supporting every aspect of domestic living. If we start on the ground floor, then next year will see a complete transformation in how we use downstairs as new areas of interest are being introduced to add value and a greater sense of luxury in the home. For instance, the second kitchen or walk-in pantry will become a new favourite in modest-to-large sized properties next year to become a worthy addition to the family cooking space by expanding the main kitchen and bringing an extra layer of privacy if open to the living room or entertaining. Looking at the top floor of the home, then the luxury bedroom will demand a range of life-enhancing features next year as standard. Whether it’s a walk-in dressing room to support wellness and relaxation in the bedroom, or made-to-measure wardrobe to optimise storage space with fitted solutions that are directly tailored to your lifestyle, it’s safe to say the bedroom will no longer be just for sleeping.

In fact, as wellness continues to look to the bedroom for inspiration in 2024, the rise of the luxury dressing room continues to top the charts, closely followed by walk-in wardrobes. Anchored by the markets enduring love of personalised design elements, dedicated dressing room areas that provide the ultimate in luxury are here to stay. From tall units that maximise storage and extend up to the ceiling, feel good finishes to create a calming aesthetic and deluxe bedroom island units helping to select eyewear, watches and jewellery, the bedroom is now a prime location in the home for refined luxury and wellness.

ENRICHED FURNITURE: Homeowners will elevate the simplicity of slab furniture next year and instead, favour more decorative designs that incorporate a range of different styles, patterns, and surface treatments. In fact, the popularity of Shaker home interiors will definitely influence next year’s classic kitchen space to bring a range of new streamlined in-frame designs, which are less traditional and cleverly ride the line between classic and modern. The same can be said when it comes to the living and dining room, as the latest media units and sideboards are now being designed in a similar style of in-frame furniture to create a cosy, cohesive aesthetic that is in keeping with the rest of the home. In contrast, modern living spaces will get into the groove, as today’s homeowner looks to high texture slatted furniture as a way to enrich their kitchen or bedroom. From room dividers to wall panels through to hero pieces of slatted furniture like an island unit or full-size headboard, this highly versatile and striking architectural detail will bring a designer vibe to the KBB market in 2024, and welcome a series of slatted furniture designs in real wood finishes for a truly enriched home décor.

ELEMENTAL MATERIALS: Grounding and soothing, natural tones will be inspiring design choices in 2024 as homeowners yearn for nurturing spaces, which they can make their own. In terms of colour, shades of blue and green are standing firm as a favourite for UK homeowners, alongside new neutrals, raw timber finishes and metallic accents for the height of contrast. Eye-catching mineral effects in graphite and stone will be a popular choice for contemporary schemes, able to bring a multi-layered effect with gravitas. As the ground floor flexes to accommodate multifunctional living, next year will embrace materials which are durable, long lasting and ultimately beautiful. The most on-trend living spaces next year will be inspired by the pure qualities of nature with opulent marble, raw timber, tanned leather, high quality fibres and aged metals instantly adding an extra layer of authentic luxury in the kitchen and bedroom on both contemporary and traditional furniture solutions.

ENVIRONMENTAL WELLNESS: The fusion of home and lifestyle is shining a light on environmental wellness next year, as homeowners create high-functioning home environments that support well-being for everyone in the household. Considering how every aspect in the home can support our needs more effectively, wellness will continue to be a hot topic for many of us as lifestyle priorities change, and the very latest mindsets are geared towards ‘working to live’. This means that the home bar, dedicated office space, boot room, overflow laundry, and walk-in pantry storage will enjoy the same attention as the kitchen and bedroom next year in terms of planning, utility and aesthetics. When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep then the must-have additions for the master bedroom will be geared around the latest personalised organisation systems to help manage daily life. From walk-in wardrobe arrangements to bring ease and order through to fitted furniture with a focus on tactile, feel-good surfaces to optimise storage space and help to enrich your everyday dressing experience, 2024 home trends will all look to enhance wellbeing, so effective space management is critical to improving the wellness experience at home.

Fundamentally, the 2024 home will be geared to support today’s limitless lifestyles as hybrid work patterns, the cost of living, an ageing population and ‘always on’ culture place new demands on interior design. “However, establishing a good work-life balance will be easy to achieve next year, as bespoke furniture options continue to cater to unique style requests, architecture and customer demographics such as professional couple, young family, or multigenerational household” says Simon.

Made-to-measure, made-to-order furniture will therefore be your best asset in 2024, and as ‘Buying British’ continues to serve both home and planet, it’s no surprise that over 65% of UK adults say ‘they’d rather stay in, than go out’!   

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