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Golden Gate Law Will Not Be Handing Out Any More JDs

It is official: Golden Gate Law will no longer be offering a JD program. It’s a conclusion long in the making — high debt loads and low bar passage rates have been signaling an end for a while now. The news comes directly from the school:

After months of discussions with numerous stakeholders and a thorough review of data, the Golden Gate University Board of Trustees voted to discontinue the University’s American Bar Association-accredited Juris Doctor degree and offer a teach-out option to current JD students. We will not admit additional students to the JD program.

To be clear, this decision applies to one program in the Law School. While the JD program will sunset, the Law School will continue serving students with standout legal education, as it has since its founding in 1901. GGU Law will continue to offer degrees at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

In normal people speak, if you want to go to Golden Gate Law for an LLM, power to you. Maybe. If you want to go to Golden Gate Law for a JD, something went wrong in your discovery process. And if you’re currently there for a JD, factor in a commute to finish your JD. The exact details remain TBD, but the school recently submitted a plan to the ABA that is presumably more substantial than a shrug emoji, so just give it some time.

We wish the best to all current Golden Gate Law JD candidates.

Update on Golden Gate University JD Program [Golden Gate University]

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