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iPhone SE 4 Leaks Point to Significant Battery Improvement — Everything You Need To Know

While Apple decided to skip the iPhone SE model for the current year, speculations are growing about the possibility of an iPhone SE 4 making an appearance in 2024. Persistent rumours have circulated about the upcoming device, with the latest focusing on its battery details, potentially borrowed from the iPhone 14.

According to MacRumours the iPhone SE 4 might share the same battery as the iPhone 14. Apple’s testing of iPhone SE 4 prototypes has revealed partially assembled models with lithium-ion batteries bearing the model number A2863—the identical model number linked to the iPhone 14’s battery.

If these rumours hold, the iPhone SE 4 could boast a substantial battery upgrade compared to its predecessors. The iPhone 14 is equipped with a 3,279mAh battery, a significant increase from the iPhone SE 3’s 2,018mAh battery. This potential enhancement promises improved battery performance for the upcoming model.

It’s essential to note that these details are based on prototype models of the iPhone SE 4, and the final product may undergo changes, including the possibility of a different battery.

iPhone SE 4: What We Know So Far

Early indications suggest that the iPhone SE 4 will draw inspiration from the iPhone 14, following the pattern seen in previous iPhone SE models. This alignment with the iPhone 14 design is welcome news for potential buyers eagerly anticipating the iPhone SE 4.

As rumours continue to circulate, the iPhone SE 4 holds the promise of not only a familiar design but also potential improvements, particularly in the crucial aspect of battery performance. Stay tuned for further updates as more details emerge about Apple’s much-anticipated iPhone SE 4.

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