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Metaphor ReFantazio Game Awards trailer introduces The Royal Tournament and shows off battle footage

The 2023 Game Awards hosted a new look at Atlus’ Metaphor: ReFantazio, the next RPG from Studio Zero. The trailer gives more glimpses of the game’s fantasy setting, as well as the Royal Tournament, its great contest.

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Check it out:

The new trailer for Metaphor: ReFantazio is the first substantial public look at the game since its reveal earlier this year. The game achieved

It lays out the basic premise of the story. The king has been assassinated, and a new king must be selected. Those who wish to claim the crown must participate in a Tournament to determine who will inherit the throne.

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Footage of battles, cutscenes, and exploration gameplay was shown. The game appears to incorporate both real-time and turn-based elements into its battle system. The protagonist appears on the field and hacks at groups of enemies in real time, but also triggers a mechanic  that transitions to a turn-based battle UI reminiscent of Persona 5 and Persona 3 Reload.

Exploration gameplay also includes movement about town, where the protagonist can engage with NPCs and deliver speeches to the populace as part of their candidacy for the throne. A home base type of area is also visible, in the form of a large legged transport of some kind. The trailer closes out by featuring a metamorphosis of some kind, with a character manifesting or transforming into a giant, mecha-like combat form.

Metaphor: ReFantazio will debut on PC, Xbox Series X|S,  PS4, and PS5 in Fall 2024.


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