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Samsung To Supply Brighter Displays For iPhone 16 And Google Pixel 9: Report

The iPhone 16 and Google Pixel 9 are among the most anticipated smartphones of 2024, and according to a recent report, they might share a significant feature: displays supplied by Samsung. Google is expected to unveil its latest smartphone at the Made by Google event on August 13, while Apple’s launch is projected for September. Both devices are rumored to feature Samsung Display’s advanced “M14” screens.

iPhone and Pixel Display Supply

A report by the South Korean publication ETNews reveals that Samsung Display is set to be the main supplier of OLED screens for both the iPhone 16 and Google Pixel 9. The “M14” screens, Samsung Display’s latest advancement in organic material structure, will be featured in these upcoming smartphones. Currently, Samsung’s Galaxy S24 Ultra boasts the highest quality OLED screen labeled as “M13.” Meanwhile, the iPhone 15 Pro was speculated to continue using the “M12” display from its predecessor.

An OLED display, which uses organic materials to produce color, operates differently from LCD screens. Unlike LCDs that require a backlight to illuminate liquid crystals, the pixels in OLED displays are self-lit. This technology typically results in wider viewing angles and superior color reproduction, particularly in rendering shades of black.

The report indicates that all smartphones in Google’s Pixel 9 lineup will feature the “M14” display. However, within Apple’s lineup, only the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max will be equipped with this advanced screen, while the base iPhone 16 and iPhone 16 Plus might continue to use “M12” displays. Additionally, Samsung Display is expected to provide four types of “M14” displays to Google—three for the Pixel 9 variants and one for the Google Pixel Fold, including its rumored successor.

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