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Sovereign Syndicate releases musical character introduction trailer for Clara Reed

Crimson Herring Studios has released a new trailer for Sovereign Syndicate, introducing one of the playable characters Clara Reed with a musical style.

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Clara is described as a corsair with a checkered past on a search for vengeance. The other two playable characters include Atticus Daley, an orphaned minotaur magician, and Otto, the trusty automaton.

The new Clara trailer and description can be found below, via Crimson Herring Studios.

Sovereign Syndicate is set to release on January 15, 2024, for PC (Steam). For more, you can check out the release date trailer, or Gamescom gameplay trailer.

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From our upcoming game Sovereign Syndicate, a Victorian steampunk RPG with tarot cards instead of dice. A brand-new story trailer featuring Clara Reed one of the playable characters from the game. Follow her through London’s East Docklands as she comes to terms with the death and disappearance of her friends and her place in London. Inspired by the greats like Disco Elysium, Arcanum and Baldurs Gate. Interact with minotaurs, dwarves, centaurs, automatons and more in a gritty story of intrigue, betrayal and grey morality.




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