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Stephen Miller COINCIDENTALLY Lodges Complaint Against Macy’s On The One Week A Year When People Google ‘Macy’s’

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Trump administration alum and white nationalism enthusiast Stephen Miller is not a lawyer, but he’s on a tear filing lawsuits to get Pop-Tarts to be less gay and to make NYU law review hire more white guys.

Miller is indisputably committed to using the conceit of the law to secure an America more favorable to all WASPs of life, but he’s much, much more committed to positioning his non-profit to make the most of the right-wing rage machine ATM. And here we go again…

Macy’s Hit by Legal Action Before Thanksgiving Day Parade” writes Newsweek, offering a bit of a wink to the transparent basis of the claim. Miller filed a complaint with the EEOC, arguing that Macy’s engages in racial discrimination because it has training programs aimed at improving leadership credentials for minority employees. It’s a departure from the classic “affirmative action is wrong because it promotes unqualified minorities” to “it should be illegal to promote qualified minorities too,” but not an unexpected shift once you look under the hood of the conservative legal movement.

While this may be the weakest of weak sauce complaints, it doesn’t matter from Miller’s perspective because he’s already managed to insert himself and his organization into valuable SEO territory.

Just like his complaint against M&Ms, when he jumped on the bizarrely palpable right-wing outrage over unsexy green candies, Miller has cherry-picked a fight that can maximize attention for his fundraising efforts. Most Americans never even think about Macy’s since it’s not Amazon, but that all changes the week of the fourth Thursday in November, when the retailer holds a nationally televised parade.

It’s so coincidental that he’s uncovered a half-baked discrimination claim the week Macy’s becomes a top search term! Such serendipity that a legal claim came to light the same week right-wing cable news outlets can easily give Miller free press while newsjacking the Thanksgiving parade!

These are deeply unserious people.

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