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Unicorn Overlord unveils Rite of Covenant marriage mechanic, food-filled Taverns, and four new Characters

Atlus and Vanillaware continue to share more new information on tactical RPG Unicorn Overlord with a few new character reveals and a look at several social activities that the game offers. Build rapport between troops to unlock new interactions and stat bonuses.

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As troops continue to fight together, their rapport among each other will continually increase. Specific characters may unlock a Rapport Conversation with one another. Another way to earn rapport with several characters at once is for them to share a meal together at taverns. Gifts can be sent for rapport, too.

Alain, the main character, possesses the Ring of the Unicorn to rally troops to his cause. Its counterpart, the Ring of the Maiden, can be given to a significant other which will engage him and his partner into the Rite of Covenant. There are many characters that can receive the Ring of the Maiden, but players can choose one – and only one – special someone to give it to.

Unicorn Overlord arrives for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch on March 8, 2024 worldwide simultaneously.

Learn more about Unicorn Overlord below along with a plethora of new screenshots. 

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New Allies


You’ve quite the grand vision for yourself, seeking to unify the entire continent.”

The crown prince of Drakenhold. Stepping into the shoes of his father the king, slain fighting the Zenoiran army, Gilbert is secretly amassing a force with the aim of restoring the kingdom.


“Today… the Knights of the Rose have their vengeance!”

A survivor of the Cornian royal family. Niece of Queen Ilenia and older cousin of Alain. When Cornia fell, she fled to Drakenhold.


“I told you plain, I don’t want you near me. Now go home and bury yourself in your beloved books, why don’t you?”

Former leader of the Tricorn Mercenaries. Widely feared as a deadly warrior, Berengaria established her own band of mercenaries and quickly grew it into a powerful force—until the day she abruptly disbanded the group and disappeared.


“And I, a simple wanderer. You can call me… Aramis.”

A mercenary from Drakenhold hired by the Zenoira army. While his speech and affect is more elegant than might be expected, no one can deny his skill with the blade.

Unicorn Overlord – Characters

Social Activities

You can deepen your bonds with the friends you welcome into your army through battles, meals, and other activities. As your allies get to know each other better, they will unlock special conversations and benefit from increased stats when teamed up in the same unit.


The degree of affinity between characters is expressed through the Rapport stat. 

When characters spend enough time together, their Rapport level will increase.

Certain character pairings can also trigger special Rapport Conversations.

Rapport Bonus

Rapport is increased primarily by having characters fight within the same unit.

If you form a unit with characters with high levels of mutual Rapport…

… you gain a Rapport bonus.


Rapport can also be built by sharing meals at taverns in the larger walled cities.

If there are characters whose friendship you want to cultivate, why not invite them to a tasty meal?

The number of participants and the amount of Rapport received vary based on the meal course chosen.


Characters assigned to guard a town can be given gifts.

People like getting stuff, it turns out.

Gifts will build the guard character’s Rapport with Alain, particularly if the gift is tailored to their likes and dislikes.

Rite of Covenant

The Ring of the Unicorn held by Alain has a counterpart, the Ring of the Maiden.

Max out Alain’s level of Rapport with a character, and you can choose them to receive the Ring of the Maiden and perform the Rite of Covenant, in which both parties pledge fealty to each other forever.

The number of potential companions is vast, but only one will be chosen…


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