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Apple Watch 10th Gen To Bring Blood Pressure Monitoring And Sleep Apnea Detection; 2024 Launch Expected

In an anticipated overhaul set for 2024, Apple is gearing up to unveil the tenth-anniversary edition of its iconic smartwatch, tentatively named the Apple Watch X or Apple Watch 10th gen, as per the latest insights from Bloomberg. The imminent release, detailed in Mark Gurman’s recent Power On newsletter, promises not only a groundbreaking redesign but also innovative health features. Gurman, a reputable Bloomberg analyst, had previously hinted at a substantial redesign, and now he sheds light on specific enhancements.

The forthcoming Apple Watch is poised to introduce advanced health features, with a focus on hypertension tracking and sleep apnea detection, according to Gurman. These additions aim to elevate the device’s utility, providing users with early warnings and prompting them to seek medical attention. Gurman emphasizes Apple’s ambitious goal of pioneering wrist-based blood pressure readings.

Gurman underscores that the health-centric upgrades will be exclusive to the standard Apple Watch, not extending to the Watch Ultra series. By integrating features capable of detecting signs of hypertension and sleep apnea, Apple positions its smartwatch as a potential lifesaver, given the serious health implications associated with these conditions.

While speculation had circulated about potential blood sugar monitoring, Gurman does not include this in the latest revelations, leaving room for further surprises upon the official release.

Complementing the advanced health features, Apple is set to revolutionize the watch’s design by replacing the current lug and release button clasp system with a more convenient magnetic clasp mechanism. This alteration not only streamlines band swapping but also contributes to a sleeker, thinner profile for the Apple Watch.

As the unveiling date approaches, the tech community eagerly awaits the debut of Apple’s enhanced smartwatch, anticipating a fusion of cutting-edge health capabilities and a refined, modern design.

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