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HP Study Reveals: 50% Of Indian Hardcore Gamers Rake In Annual Incomes Up To Rs 12 Lakh

HP has just unveiled an exciting initiative, the HP Gaming Garage, a groundbreaking platform designed to provide free gaming courses. As part of their comprehensive approach to this gaming endeavour, HP delved into a detailed study focused on the Indian gaming landscape. The results are nothing short of encouraging for budding gamers and the gaming market as a whole. A standout revelation from the study unveils that a substantial 50% of dedicated gamers are not just indulging in their passion; they’re also pocketing substantial annual incomes, ranging from Rs 6 to 12 lakh. This newfound intersection of gaming and earning potential promises a dynamic landscape for aspiring gamers in India.

The research involved surveying 3,500 participants, which included 500 parents, across 15 cities in India. It shed light on the gaming community’s composition, revealing that 70% were PC users, while 30% preferred mobile gaming. In terms of demographics, the study found that 75% of respondents were male and 25% were female, providing valuable insights into the diverse landscape of gaming.

Earnings: In 2023, approximately half of the Indian gamers witnessed a significant rise in income, with around 50 percent now earning between Rs 6 to 12 lakh annually compared to the previous year.

Platform Preference: A majority of gamers, comprising 67 percent, express a preference for PCs over mobile phones, citing the allure of higher FPS (frames per second) and larger displays. The HP study underscores this inclination, revealing that gamers are not only leaning towards PCs but are also willing to make a substantial investment, averaging over Rs 1 lakh, for a gaming PC.

Investment: The gaming industry is experiencing a surge in financial support, evident in increased sponsorships and the flourishing landscape of e-sports tournaments. This backing extends further to providing guidance for gamers, aiding them in exploring diverse career opportunities within the gaming realm.

Inclusivity and Participation: Gaming’s influence has transcended metro cities, embracing a broad demographic spectrum. The report highlights that 75 percent of Generation Z and 67 percent of millennials are actively engaged as serious gamers. Notably, 58 percent of female respondents are recognized as dedicated gamers, emphasizing the inclusive nature of the gaming community.

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